Project management

  • A project is a temporary endeavor, starting and end date, which aims to create or improve a product or service. Managing a project is to act in order to achieve the proposed objectives within certain quality parameters, according to a previous planning periods (schedule) and costs (budget). That is, given the goals and constraints of resources and time, it is the project manager ensure that it achieves the objectives.


    Many companies are embracing the project structure in their day-to-day. From designing new software to the implementation of customer service procedures, from the construction of a bridge to the review of sales processes in order to increase the business closing rate, many developments within organizations fall into Project class. In various sectors, the project management approach is gaining ground for allowing a better use of resources to achieve well-defined goals for the organization. Knowing the importance of managing a project well, we will see the steps that lead us to improve our project management skills.


    It all starts with hiring a company to run the project or the definition of internal employees who join the project team. On any given day, begins the project. This time should be formalized with a document that is called "the beginning of the project term."


    For larger projects, it should be a document signed by the sponsors and the project manager. For smaller projects, can be an e-mail that the manager sends the sponsors, copying those involved, to notify you that at that time the project starts and everyone is involved in its implementation.

  • Outsourcing and Body Shopping

    For customers who require skilled labor for the development of its projects, has MAKESYS contracting models according to the features and design needs.


    The professionals can perform the functions at the customer premises or MAKESYS. Even in hiring, the customer can benefit from the experience gained by the Software Factory to develop more than 500 projects, with the possibility of using the Development Methodology and code libraries.


    Our process, attested by our customers, encompasses the identification of the professional profile, the selection of competencies, the analysis of the technical and behavioral profile and the professional management during the contract.


    Applications Web platform

    The term "Application Platform" (Application Platform) has been widely used in the IT world.


    What exactly does that mean? Let from the source: why a company implements an application? In the end, is to increase your profit (which can be financial, image, social, etc.).


    The company only does this after assessing whether this action "pays". This image analysis is only possible if analyzed all the requirements to adopt the application, which goes from the application of the cost itself (either development, customization or purchase) to the user training and support staff, but also through the cost other components: the application that needs to function.


    Obviously, a Web application needs a Web Server. Probably a database system is also required. Some component should provide the basis for data security (the application should authorize, but is not it interesting that ELA authenticate the user).


    The application can also make use of distributed queues for calls between components or classes and APIs to implement basic functions.


    Servers laptops Network hub, all these components make up what we call "Application Platform". In the Microsoft world, the main piece is Windows Server, but other products complement this "platform": SQL Server, SharePoint, BizTalk, and why not, Exchange.


    Who in the company is responsible for defining this structure? Who puts it in operation? Who maintains it?


    I think we have different "definitions" different in different companies. And yours? What do you call the "hero" responsible for its Application Platform?

    Intranet and e-Commerce

    The system that manages the recognition of authorized users, their powers, duties and hierarchy, recognizes the horizontality and verticality of the organization and identifies employees who do not position themselves in a timely manner, transferring to his superiors disputes that go beyond the allotted time.

    Another advantage is that the system provides the workflow (workflow) reliable among the participants, regardless of their physical locations.




    The concept of Intranet can be interpreted as "a private version of the Internet", or a confined mini Internet to an organization. Generally Intranet systems run on local servers installed in the company. The access is restricted to previously registered users.

    Below are some characteristics of an intranet and its benefits in a company:

    • Allows knowledge sharing
    • Enables file sharing
    • Allows printer sharing
    • Enables video transmission
    • Unifies information for all members of an organization
    • Provides ease of installation and administration
    • Allows open architecture
    • Low cost of implementation with cost-benefit
    • Quick access to information, optimizing the decision-making
    • Improved communication between the members of an organization.



    An extension of the Intranet as they often have the same functionality is considered.

    The Extranet is the portion of your computer network that uses the Internet to securely share part of its information system.

    In its broadest sense, the term is often confused with the Intranet. An extranet can also be seen as part of the company that is extended to external users ("extra-company network"), such as representatives and customers.

    Another common use of the Extranet term occurs in the designation of "private part" of a site, where only registered users can navigate through login and password.

    Sites and Portals

  • We create fully customized websites and portals to our customers focused on the objectives and targets set for the project.
  • Web Site Hosting

  • We host our solutions and websites Servers Cloud for customers that do not have physical structure to meet the demand.
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