Telecom business management, business opportunities control, generation of sales proposals for Corporate or accession to Rectal, feasibility studies, Task control and more....




• Preparation of proposals and contracts generating the PDF

• Price lists for Group Products and Customer Business Areas

• Clauses of Contractual standardization and Proposals Contract Type

• Automatic billing of the lease agreements

• Business Opportunities control by Representative

• Management Charts

• Access web configured for notebook and tablets to external representatives

• Father Contracts Control

• Subscription Contracts Control

• Facilities of Retais (Shopping Centers, etc..)

• Equipment positioning reflected in customers

• Customer Identification by Location - Retail

• Pay-Back Control

• Order Shipping

• Order Service

• Checklist for leased equipment

• Inventory Control

• Order of Withdrawal

• Proposals, Contracts and Accession Agreement in PDF

• Control Contracts / Renovations

• Note consumption

• Bank slip generation

• Financial control for equipment and representative

• Batch File Processing and Collection Return CNAB

• Technical Payroll

• Accounts Payable and Receivable

• Current Accounts

• Bank reconciliation

• Document Management

• Collection Orders Control generating Accounts Payable

• User Access Management

• Log data changes by users

• Support and WEB Training


Preview of features for next version:

• Manage supplies







Web application for Lease Management ...


Web Application for Telecom Management


Web Application Audit and Quality Management..




Web application for HelpDesk Management


Web Application for Project Management...


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